posted by Jim on Dec 20

Anyone who has hunted with me, can tell you that I am about as whacked out on scent control as anyone on this planet!  For me, it starts with a clean body!  I use a no scent  body wash, followed up with a spray down of  Buck Fever Synthetics Vanishing Hunter, than, a no scent under arm deodorant. Than, I wear a layer of Under Armour with Silver, different weights for different seasons.  I then dress in some normal clothes, which have been washed in Scent Lok Wash.  These clothes are just for the ride in the truck.    The clothes I wear in the field go through a process.  These ”field clothes” include; my Scent Lok Base Layers, Scent Lok Suits, Gloves, Hats and Head Covers.  Also, any clothes I may layer with for colder conditions, such as; fleece shirts, my Cabelas Wind Shear vest, or my Hunters Prostaff Skull Caps, are part of my field wear.  These “field clothes” get washed, dried, and only after I use scent free wash on my hands, will I handle them.  I know this sounds crazy, but I am going to make a point.  Why would I go through all this, and then throw these clothes in a garbage bag?  If I am not going to keep my field clothes clean and free of foreign scent, than I might as well wear my work clothes in the field and smoke a big fat stogie in my stand!  People think I am nuts, but I am a believer, and I have the footage from many of my days in the field, where I had deer directly down wind.  I believe in Scent Lok!  I believe in Vanishing Hunter!  I believe in Scent Lok Clothes Wash!  I believe in being clean!  I believe and I have the racks to prove it.  Wild….High Pressured….Nervous….Whitetails…which I fool year after year.  Why?  Because, I believe and I  use the only storage container that keeps my clothes clean and free of foreign scents, a Scent Tote.  How does it work?  Well, first and foremost, it is a sealed container.  I can stop here, but Russ and Scott Strong should get more credit than that.  They developed a technology called Carbon Web, which allows the activated carbon inside it to be totally suspended in a free air circulation format. Without bonding agents to hold it, there’s 100% of the activated-carbon surface area working to adsorb odor. The Carbon Web design also allows for continual release of activated carbon granules throughout the box for maximum scent protection for your garments.  Furthermore, the containers are durable and the carbon web is rechargeable and replaceable.  The technology works, and during the hunting season, I have three of them, in my truck, at all times.  One, for my Scent Lok clothing.  Another, for my back pack, my gear, and safety harness.  And the third, for my layering clothes.  Obviously, Scent Totes are great for keeping your gear organized.  We all know what it is like, when you dont know where your gear may be.  I have each container marked, because I have a process of getting ready in the field.  The boxes come out of the truck.  I spray my hands.  I put down my changing mat.  I remove my driving clothes and boots.  I open up my containers.  Scent Lok Base Layers over my Under Armour.  Layering clothes next.  Scent Lok suit.  Hunting boots. Safety Strap.  Hunting Gear.  Off to the stand.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  If you want to put success in your favor, invest in the storage container that works and will last a lifetime! Find Scent Totes in our store under Storage Containers.

2 Comments to “Scentote-A simple Storage Container that works!”

  1. Todd C Says:

    I have several of thease containers and they work great. One thing I like about them is when Im done hunting for the year I wash my clothes as I normally would then store them in the container, next year comes and im all ready to hunt and my clothes are scent free

  2. Blake Wollenberg Says:

    Being a professional hunting guide, I have to be on top of scent control. I own multiple Scentote containers, and find them one of my nicest tools for scent control and use them also to substitute suitcases. I enjoy having my hunting gear in a large scent, and crush proof box, and have had the box save me more than one when the weather turned sour. Just this last archery elk season in Colorado, my tent was flooded when i was out all day hunting, but to my surprise, I had dry cloths waiting for me in my scentote box. It felt so nice to redress in some dry duds, as I would have been pretty frustrated sitting in my truck with the heater blasting while trying to dry my cloths. If you need a scent control and/or clothing storage, this is the storage bin for you!!!

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