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First and foremost, I want to apologize to all of the Hunters Prostaff faithful readers out there who are expecting fresh blogs and entertaining articles to read. Unfortunately, we have been preoccupied building a new website for all of you to benefit from. Hunters Prostaff is not going to be replaced by the “new” website. As a matter of fact, the two sites will complement each other and they will both be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Hunters Prostaff turned 3 years old on June 1, 2009. We have made numerous improvements and tried to entertain over 10,000 faithful visitors per month, however, we knew something was missing because although we are seeing growth in visitors and hits, we were not seeing growth in the one thing that funds the site, our on-line store. So, we set out on a mission to see how the other guys are doing it and we found several things that had to fall in place to be successful as an e-commerce website. We documented what we loved and hated about on-line purchasing, and from the collective data, we made sure all the pros were included and all the cons were omitted, and the result is Hunters Pro Gear.

Hunters Pro Gear is an e-commerce site like no other. Why? Because, we knew we needed to be different to join a very crowded industry, in a very poor economy. We have features on our website which will benefit our direct customers, manufactures and other retailers across the country. You see, there are a lot of “mom and pop” shops going out of business for many reasons; however, the key reason for a local archery shop or ski shops success is moving inventory. Unfortunately, these specialty shops or pro shops are falling prey to the internet and “Big Box Stores”. I know because I personally have a very good friend who owns two great archery shops in the Detroit suburbs. As a matter of fact, they are the last two standing shops from over 20 shops which existed in the area. I also have a very good friend who ran a fantastic Ski, Snowboard and Bike shop, who recently shut his doors for good. We need these shops and their knowledge, but they cannot stay alive on archery leagues and good advice alone! They need to move products. Hunters Pro Gear is providing a place for these shops and manufactures, as well, to get off of their older, slow-selling, or discontinued products. These products will be sold at great discounts in the “Hot Buy Now” section of the site. Everyone benefits! The manufacturers and retailers are moving product and getting some cash flow, where it may be stagnant. The end consumer who purchases from the “Hot Buy Now” store will get great products at very low prices, and Hunters Pro Gear will put it all together.

In addition to the great “Hot Buy Now “category, Hunters Pro Gear will retail over 15,000 products in our initial opening and we plan to add over 50,000 new products by December 2009. We will have a great assortment of outdoor related products, which will include some very specialized and custom made products, which are exclusive to Hunters Pro Gear. Furthermore, we will be introducing our own line of products in the near future. Hunters Pro Gear will sell everything from hunting and fishing gear to Mountain Bikes and Kayaks to Snow and Water Skis, Wakeboards and Snow Boards and everything in between! In case the current Hunters Prostaff members were wondering, the Lifetime membership discount will be honored in the new Hunters Pro Gear retail store. As a matter of fact, Hunters Pro Gear will now be the official store for Hunters Prostaff, so your current 10% discount will now apply to thousands of products. We will still offer the buying club membership for $20.00 and it will still include our great DVD and a decal. So, please spread the word because we feel it is still the best deal in the business! We will also offer gift certificates which can be mailed or emailed to the recipient. A great way to send a gift to someone out of town! All of this and more will be offered in the most secure checkout process in the industry. Multiple payment options will offered through Authorized.Net, Chase Paymentech and Paypal. Our shipping options and procedures will be the most unique in the industry as well, so our customers can choose and pay proper shipping costs, based on the origin and destination of each product. No gouging our customers to make extra money on shipping and handling fees! All these features are what will benefit our consumers and set us apart from the competition!

Hunters Pro Gear will be live by July 1, 2009 and our commercials will be seen by over 30 million households on 4 outdoor related networks. Currently, we are advertising on three very entertaining TV shows; My Outdoor Zone’s “Own the Zone TV”; Arctic Cats, “Outdoors Management Makeover TV”, and Hunting Lease Television Magazine. These shows offer a very different mix of content and they will capture different crowds in all parts of North America. Our advertising campaign will have many benefits as we hope to drive people to the site and provide our retailers a new customer who may have never walked in their shops front door. The advertising should help to build our client base in our retail store as well, and allow us to expand our product lines in the near future.
Lastly, we would like to thank all of our faithful members and guests who have been with us the last 3 years. We look forward to your constructive feedback! We may have some growing pains but we will strive to continuously improve both websites. Most of all, we look forward to helping you “GET THE MOST OUT OF THE OUTDOORS”!
Thank you,
Jim Lombardi
Blake Wollenberg

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