posted by Jim on May 12


I had done a few chores around the house, and then the bug bit me. The Fishing Bug!!! I knew that if I didn’t leave the house and throw a line in some water, I was going to be consumed by the thought of monster fish for the entire afternoon. So with the sink still full of dishes, I packed up the fishing gear and headed out.
Instead of fishing alone, I decided to go get Dustin, a buddy of mine, to leave work early and fish-bum it with me on this awesome Colorado afternoon. I showed up during the lunch hour and told him that we were going fishing. As soon as I told him what we were doing, he mentioned that his grandfather, Harold, was in town and might like to go with us. I was excited at the idea of having a partner in crime, but even more excited at the thought of taking his grandfather to catch some fish. We loaded into my truck and headed to Wal-mart to buy them fishing licenses.
Although I had excitement coursing through my veins, I now felt a little under the gun. If Dustin and I got skunked when fishing, then so be it. But if grandpa didn’t catch anything, I was going to feel like I should just hang up my rod and quit for the season. We drove to a little pond about half a mile away to begin the afternoon of fishing. I set up our three rods with different lures, crossed my fingers and began to cast. No one was getting and action, not even the slightest nibble. I was changing lures about every five minutes, hoping to pull some sort luck out of my hat! A few other fishermen walked by and we exchanged the usual hubbub about what works well for this lake. I changed lures accordingly and still we weren’t getting anywhere. About an hour or so into the game of “Lake-1, Fishermen-0” we were stopped by the local game warden. She asked to see our licenses, which we promptly showed her. I asked her if she knew of any other close lakes that might provide better luck. We discussed another lake just down the road, and she told me of a few spots to work were she had seen people catching fish.
Now at our second lake, I was squirming in my shorts. I wanted Harold to catch a fish more than I wanted to catch one myself. We walked over to a honey hole that I hoped would change our luck. I changed all our set-ups to some spinners that I had used in this lake last year with some success. Once again, I crossed my fingers and the three of us casted out our lines. Then I felt it, my rod tip bent towards the water and I set the hook. I reeled in a decent 14 inch rainbow trout. As the excitement arose, I still felt the need to produce fish for my partners in crime. I managed to hook a few more, and Dustin hooked a couple, but the success that we were both looking for hadn’t come yet. Grandpa hadn’t caught one!
About fifteen minutes later, I heard that familiar whizz of a fish on the reel. As I turned to my right, my blood rushing, I noticed Harold’s rod tip curved like a beautiful rainbow. Now it was on!!! The three of us began to catch fish like it was going out of style. They weren’t the largest of fish, but they were making us enjoy every second of life. As I sit here and recall this afternoon’s adventure, I still cannot wipe the smile off my face. Then I remember…the sink full of dishes. So I must end this story before my wife returns from work to find the dishes undone.
Please remember, this was not one of those monster fish days, but it is one of the best days I have ever had fishing!!

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Awesome Blake!!!
    Thanks for taking my grandpa out. I know he had a great time. Actually after you left my grandma looked sad and said that this was the first fishing trip that my grandpa and ever gone fishing without her. I told her to catch up to you guys but with my grandma being so proper, it wasn’t o.k. to go in a long skirt.

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