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What can you say about confidence when entering into the world of hunting? I think confidence plays a very important role when it comes to success in the pursuit of all game species. All hunters learn that the hunt is over as soon as the game we are pursuing catches our human scent. What can we do to give us the edge? My personal ritual always starts with Vanishing Hunter. If I don’t have it, my confidence goes out the window. It’s like going out on the town without your favorite splash of Old Spice. You know you’re not going to get the chicks without it.

When I refer to my “ritual”, I am referring to the process of human scent elimination prior to my time in the field. This process is involved and it is necessary if you’re going to try to hunt in thick areas where deer may be all around your stand site. My ritual begins with a shower with scent free soap, a rinse and an immediate spray down of Vanishing Hunter. This step is crucial in my opinion because you are able to spray this product directly on your skin. Most of the products on the market advise you not to come in contact with your skin or eyes and definitely don’t’ spray it in your mouth. Well, guess what? I can spray Vanishing Hunter in my mouth, swish it around like I am going on a date, dispose it, and I am ready and confident.

Why am I so confident in this product? Well, I have been using it exclusively for over 5 years, and I believe it is the one product which I can say for sure has made a difference in my success. My success is not equated only to the bagging of the game; however, my success comes from being able to beat any animal in their own backyards. Knowing a buck is downwind of me and he is alert but not alarmed, just tells me that the ritual was worth the looks I get from my wife and kids as I get ready to head out to my second home in the field.

Being this scent conscious, you are probably thinking that I also wear scent containment clothing, and you are right. But, if I could hunt naked, (that isn’t a good visual) I would be very secure with a good spray down of Vanishing Hunter. As a matter of fact, while hunting in the mountains of Colorado, I have stripped down, washed off with river water and wiped down with Vanishing Hunter Wipes. One hour later, I called a bull Elk within 5 yards of me and after a 3 minute standoff, I was able to bury an arrow deep into the big 5X5 Bulls Chest. I attribute that day’s success to my Vanishing Hunter bath.

Buck Fever Synthetics is a Michigan Based company, which specializes in synthetic scents for use in mock scrapes. Vanishing Hunter is a big part of their hunting product lineup. Vanishing Hunter and Vanishing Hunter Wipes are always in my backpack so I may freshen up after my long walk to my stand. I am confident and secure in recommending this product. Try it and you too may make it part of your ritual. You will take one more important step towards success in the field!

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